Neo: Practice management software in the cloud


Server-based practice management software requires a lot of costly attention: backing up your data, upgrading to new versions, getting IT support—not to mention just maintaining your server and hardware.

Now there’s a new kind of practice management software from IDEXX. Neo Software is cloud-based so you can use it anywhere on any device. It’s also easy to use, affordable, and built to make switching simple.

You probably use the cloud every day for things like VetConnect PLUS, Netflix, or even Facebook. The cloud runs over the internet. And it’s the reason that Neo is affordable, secure, and easy to use.


Here are just some of the reasons we think you’ll love Neo:


Cut your costs

Save on staff time, eliminate your server, and drastically reduce your IT costs.


Backed by IDEXX

Neo is the latest cloud-based practice management software backed by IDEXX, the veterinary technology company you trust.


Simple and easy

Designed by a veterinarian, Neo is the easiest software system you've ever used.


Getting started is easy

Sign up, sign in, and get started quickly with Neo's easy data conversion tool and built-in training options.

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